l a s h  e x t e n s i o n s 

Prices below vary between Lash Artist. A Full Set is necessary if your natural lashes are without lash extensions or without at least 40% of extensions remaining from previous fill.


With ​Beautiful lightweight and flexible synthetic lashes are applied individually, 1 lash extension per 1 natural lash to create a look custom to your eyeshape. Whether it be dramatic or natural, special occasion or everyday, Classic lash extensions will open up your eyes and give you that mascara look without the bother of applying mascara at all- in fact, you'll probably want to start throwing away your old tubes of mascara now! You'll never look back..

classic full set . $170

new client fill . $80 - $100

60 minute fill . $65 - $75 


With all the same benefits as Classic, these particular synthetic Faux Mink Lash Extensions are specifically made by Xtreme Lash to repel water! Because of this, Faux Mink Lash Extensions are known to last a bit longer inbetween fills making them a great choice for work-out-aholics, vacationers, or just the busy woman on the go who is looking for a longer lasting lash option. And don't worry! These are Faux- no fur babies were harmed in the making of these lashes.

faux mink full set . $260

new client fill . $100 - $120

60 minute fill . $85 



Bring on the volume! With Volume, 2-5 super fine synthetic lashes are handmade into volume "fans" and are applied individually, 1 volume fan per 1 natural lash.  Resulting in a surprisingly much more lightweight yet still full & fluffy, voluminized set of lashes!  Customizable and perfect for anyone looking for a little extra oomph, but especially for those whose natural lashes are sparse and few and far between. 

volume full set . $315

new client fill . $120 - $125

90 minute fill . $105 - $110 

75 minute fill . $95 - $100

 B R I D A L  L A S H E S 

Your big day is approaching and we want this to be just as picture perfect as you do!  Although extremely rare- allergies to adhesives are sadly always a possibility.  Because of this we ask that your lash appointment be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks before your wedding date. No exceptions. This will allow for us to rule out any possibility of allergies, and to make any last minute adjustments to your lashes if need be. Feel free to bring in photos for inspiration on your desired lash look. We want to make sure you are looking your best on your wedding day and that your lashes are everything you hoped for and more.